PUBLIC EVENTS (business games, seminars, conferences, roundtable discussions)

Period of project development 0,5-3 months
Price RUR 0,1-2,0 million

Scope of the project: Organization of business public events is one of the basic competitive advantages of our company. “Urbanica” has required experience, technology and competences in this area. All public projects of our company include business games (2-3 day discussion event), conferences, seminars, roundtables. Event features depend on project specifications and scale, on customer requirements.
Public events allow improve the quality of the project significantly due to consideration of stakeholder opinions, expert positions. Public events form positive PR of the project and of the customer himself. It is very important for further project promotion and realization because of positive public awareness and useful business contacts.
Public events can be organized as a separate project as well. Our team can ensure attractive content of the event, as well as technical and organizational support in following themes:

  • Public administration and development;
  • Urban planning and development (utilities, urban economy, architectural design, social infrastructure, legal base);
  • Development of public and private economy branches;
  • Investment policy;
  • Local branding;
  • Small business support.

“Urbanica” has qualified specialists to organize a high quality public event and public relations with federal experts to ensure their participation.

Approximate event preparation period0,5-3 months
Approximate costRUR 0,1-2,0 million

Depends on event features, list of required participants and experts, event duration and localization.

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