Integrated development program of public utilities

Period of project development 3-5 months
Price RUR 0,8 – 3,5 million

Legal base: Tariff regulations of public utilities in Russian Federation (approved by Federal Act #210-FZ). This act prescribes to prepare development program for public utilities in every municipality of Russia.
Scope of the project: Integrated development program for public utilities forms technical base for further investment program.  Detailed development plan for public utilities in medium-term and long-term perspective is prepared for the municipality. Due to application of GIS technologies the program can be synchronized with other municipal documents and programs in urban planning and infrastructure development.

Approximate time for designing of the project3-5 months
Approximate costRUR 0,8 – 3,5 million

Depends on population size and technical features of the territory.

Integrated infrastructure and urban environment development program

Period of project development 5-9 months
Price RUR 2,0 – 9,0 million

Scope of the project: Development of municipal utilities, traffic system, housing, social infrastructure in relationship with resource- and energy efficiency aspects in long term perspective. Integrated development program is based on the following steps:

  • City audit (detailed study of current situation);
  • Set of technical, legal and administrative measures;
  • Initial investment plans and projects in critical areas;
  • Negotiations with possible investors, concessionaires, banks.

The important part of the project is City audit, which is focused on urban environment. Concept of urban environment includes following aspects of urban life which make the city attractive for residents and business:

  • Improvement of urban spaces (private and public ones);
  • Regulations for redevelopment of existing buildings;
  • Regulations for greenfield development;
  • Development of public transport network, parking zones, telecommunications.

Development of urban environment should be realized together with the development of utilities in order to maximize synergetic effects for economy. Integrated infrastructure development program includes sectorial measures focused on energy efficiency in power supply, water supply, sewerage, heat supply.

Approximate time for designing of the project5-9 months
Approximate costRUR 2,0 – 9,0 million

Urban planning and investment concept for development of land

Period of project development 1-3 months
Price RUR 0,2-2,0 million

Object: Land 1.0 – 1000.0 ha
Scope of the project: Urban planning and investment concept allows determining cost-effective function of the land development and the basic framework of the intended investment project. Concept includes real estate marketing research, economic and geospatial analysis of land location, and social description of possible real estate consumers. Probable legal, environmental and traffic risks, as well as options for connection to utilities are taken into account. Several cost-effective possibilities of land development are prepared, including the land development layouts, 3D-models, and business plan.

Scale of planning1: 500 – 1:2 000
Approximate time for designing of the project1-3 months
Approximate costRUR 0,2-2,0 million

Depends on land area and location, required complexity of the project.

Concepts of regional and municipal engineering parks, industrial parks, recreational zones, and agricultural parks

Period of project development 4-7 months
Price RUR 1,0-6,0 million

Scope of the project: Integrated financial, economic, technical, and architectural (spatial) motivation for foundation of special development zone is prepared. Project complies with federal regulations and recommendations, as well as with appropriate international practice. Concept includes:

  • Feasibility study;
  • Project investment and business plan;
  • Preparation of road show for investors;
  • Marketing research, requirements specification for website creation;
  • Preliminary technical design and calculations;
  • Geospatial analysis of special zone location;
  • Architectural and sketch (layout) of special zone spatial development (including 3D graphics).

The concept allows receiving support from the federal and regional budgets for the development of special zone, and attracts potential Russian and international investors.

Approximate time for designing of the project4-7 months
Approximate costRUR 1,0-6,0 million

Depends on land area and location, required complexity of the project.

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