Urbanica - over 10 years of dedicated work

Urbanica was founded in 2009 by a team of young urban professionals. In this case «Team» is not just a word, but a very essense of the company. Main part of the team works together for 12-14 years, starting in biggest urban/spatial planning institutions and continuing the teamwork for over 10 years in Urbanica.

What we do is a synthesis of economics and urban planning. We’re open for new concepts, but are also based firmly on classical urban planning practice. For us, urbanism is not a trend, but a passion and systematic professional work.

During more than 10 years of practice, we’ve completed more than 250 projects nationwide and beyond, with 50% of clients being government-based and 50% – private companies and corporations. We make spatial plans, rules and regulations, comprehensive plans, master plans, spatial development concepts, urban planning concepts, and a number of other types of projects.


250 Projects of various types
11 years of dedicated work

government-based projects

Spatial planning projects (copmrehensive plans, rules and regulations, etc)


projects for private clients

Development concepts, master plans, comprehensive plans, visions

We are a small private company, although up to 30% of our time we try to spend on our own non-commercial and public projects, which help us gain experience that we want ourselves. We’re advocating for a comprehensive approach to every project, even if our client wants this project done only on one particular scale.

At the moment, Urbanica consists of 16 experts, including 4 highly experienced project managers. More than that, we can quickly form a team for different purposes and projects, engaging our network of various partners.

Get to know us

We were one of two russian urban planning practices, included in a team for development of Moscow metropolitan area in 2012, organized by Moscow administration. Also, Urbanica was a member of a winning consortium on a competition for Sokolniki park vision in 2014. Our team proposal along with Wowhaus and Groundlab was published by ArchDaily.

See our projects and services

We offer various types of services, which are divided into 4 main sections. You can also check out our completed projects.

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