Development strategy for the area of the Greater Saint Petersburg

Project description

Project was aimed on creating a relevant document for development of the Greater Saint Petersburg – an area within actual city borders, that hosts both citizens of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region, which identify themselves as citizens of Saint Petersburg because they live, work, or regularly spend time there.

The main goal of this conceptual strategy is to form a comfortable, safe and friendly environment, where people would live, interact and create meaningful ideas together.

Main strategy tasks:

  1. Creating livable urban spaces in every part of the city;
  2. Making all infrastructure efficient and easy to use;
  3. Establishing efficient city management;
  4. Working out suitable conditions for growth of socio-economic

Work performed during the project

  1. Identifying where Saint Petersburg is and aspires to be on a global scale, framing the mission and goals for city development in the XXI century;
  2. Forming the image of the “Greater Saint Petersburg” – proposals for development of different fields: social, cultural, city economy, transportation, residential development, ecology;
  3. Forming a structure for optimization of the city management system, including such tools as engaging the community, building of e-government, unification of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region management system, etc;
  4. Making a roadmap of the first steps on the way to sustainable evolution of Greater Saint Petersburg area.

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