Development of a master plan for the development of the Volkhov City municipality of the Volkhov Municipal District of the Leningrad Region with the development of a concept for the development of public spaces


Development and creation of the concept of possible and necessary changes in the urban planning policy of the city of Volkhov, the formation of goal-setting, the definition of spatial development priorities.


  • Together with the Design Unit 4 company, a master plan of the city of Volkhov, Leningrad region, was developed. As part of the master plan, detailed proposals were formed for the development of the city in six semantic areas:

    * Natural landscape. Modern cities increasingly see their development in direct connection with nature and the environment. This is a trend that originates in the last century, but does not lose relevance at the present time. For Volkhov, which, with its rich cultural and industrial heritage, is a "green" city on the river, this is the formation of a new vision of its potential in this area, as an attempt to capitalize on the heritage of the territory itself. This is an attempt to "let" nature into the city, which will affect the quality of life of residents in the first place.
    * Industrial landscape. An attempt to form a new urban identity based on the existing gap between the valiant military past and the industrial heritage. An identity that, without forgetting the victories of the past, will allow us to talk about modernity and the demand for the city by residents and vice versa.
    * Social landscape. The formation of a new social landscape will allow us to form a new environment of social services and benefits that will be able to provide residents with a different standard of living, while combining the modernity of services and the demand for them with the peculiarities of small town life, which are so appreciated by local residents. It is the unification of common values that will allow citizens to give that modern material and non-material environment.
    * Urban landscape. The formation of a human-scale environment and the formation of a qualitatively new residential environment through urban policies will allow both to work with pilot territories and in the future to be able to scale them to the entire Volkhov. The effectiveness of urban management often depends on the efficiency of the use of the territory, working with urban gaps allows not only to return territories to the city and residents, but also often gives them a new economic life.
    * Economic landscape. The formation of a new economic landscape is connected not only with the development of the post-industrial and service economy, but also with the support and further implementation of the existing economic function. In fact, we are talking about the balance of the existing economic base and new sectors of the economy, the search for new partners and stakeholders.
    * Infrastructure landscape. Safe and effective implementation of any development directions is impossible without maintaining and developing the infrastructure landscape, without allocating urgent measures within it and a vision of its development in a few years, it is possible to consider switching to other fundamental approaches to functioning and development.
    In general, the implementation of development policies within the framework of these landscapes will make it possible to form a modern sustainable economically successful city. Volkhov will receive a formed intersectoral vision of development.

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