Master plan for the development of the city of Okulovka and the village of Kulotino, Novgorod region


Determination of the main directions of spatial development of the territory of the Taiga settlement, taking into account the priorities of the development of the region. The goal was to form a sustainable settlement, taking into account all the existing risks, investing in embedded integrations and maintaining a stable population.

  • The basis of the settlement development scenario is the idea of development according to the polycentric model, not only in the spatial aspect, but also in the socio-economic one. As part of the master plan, work was carried out to maximize the leveling of risks identified in both scenarios and maximize the use of the territory's capabilities, including according to trends. The main goal is the balanced development of the territories of Okulovsky and Kulotinsky urban settlements and providing residents with modern services and a comfortable and safe environment. The main directions of development were:

  • Economic and planning sustainability. The fundamental principle is to create a variety of activities in the polycentric structure of the city. In this direction, the main bets are placed on the capitalization of the existing potential of the territory, on working with industrial sites and focused measures to attract investors to the territory or on "growing" their own on the basis of existing human capital. An important part of the development in this block is the development of tourism potential, which is also an important part of the identity of the local community.
  • Development of a comfortable and balanced living environment. The direction is based on the principles of the development of the residential environment, taking into account the conducted field and desk studies, which are applied both in the framework of work with multi-apartment residential buildings and in the framework of work with individual residential buildings. The mechanisms of transformation of yard territories are considered separately.
  • Formation of an accessible and high-quality social environment. Within the framework of the direction, the possibilities of developing public spaces are assessed, taking into account the existing need for social services and proposed activities, namely, in terms of the development of the public space system, activities and recommendations are proposed. There are also proposals for the re-formation of the green framework of the territory.
  • Infrastructure security of the territory. The main principles of the development of the direction have become security and connectivity, due to the fact that the formation of stable and secure connections helps to form a favorable comfortable environment not only for living, but also for doing business on the territory, and directly affects the quality of life every day, which is reflected in migration and economic indicators of development.
  • Creating a modern visual environment. The formation of modern spaces often does not reflect the existing identity of the locality and the population, which does not make them popular in the end, within the framework of this direction, measures are proposed to form an environment characteristic of the existing locations.

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