Socio-economic and spatial vision concept for Tomsk metropolitan area (Tomsk-Seversk-Tomsk region)

Project description

The main goal of the project was to make a conceptual vision to determine the future role of Tomsk metro area within Siberian Federal District, along with finding key projects of intermunicipal level that will strengthen agglomeration effects, speed up socio-economic development and enhance quality of life.

Work performed during the project

  1. Comprehensive analysis of historical, socio-economic and spatial
    features, research on agglomeration-forming processes.
  2. Zoning maps for Tomsk agglomeration area; defining agglomeration borders, areas for strategic development and possible scenarios of agglomeration development.
  3. Forming conceptual vision for development of agglomeration – defining goals and objectives; considering significant strategic and schedule-based documents of all administrative units of the agglomeration.
  4. Designing a scheme for spatial management of areas within the agglomeration; defining tools for Vision implementation including organizational structure for agglomeration management and drafts of documents for administrative bodies.

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