Concept of development of Surgut agglomeration

Project description

According to development forecasts, the future population of the settlement zone of The middle Ob will be about one and a half million inhabitants. Two zones of long-term strategic development were identified: Surgut (multifunctional core of agglomeration – the center of a diversified economy, the development of post-industrial economy and the formation of a comfortable and safe living environment for residents) and Nefteyuganskaya (diversification of the economy, the formation of a request for new post-industrial functions, the completion of the functional capabilities of the agglomeration as a whole, the emphasis on small business and its development).

Work performed during the project

• Formation of a pool of projects in the post-industrial sector, based on new technologies and solutions;
• Inventory of industrial areas and determination of their use efficiency;
• Development and support of small business both in the industrial sector and in the post-industrial sector;
• Increasing the density of the existing development of the territory;
• Formation of a comfortable urban environment;
• Formation of a new generation of social infrastructure.

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