Moscow metropolitan area 2050 development concept competition

Project description

Urbanica was one of two Russian urban planning practices to participate in the competition. We have worked on this project as a part of consortium led by Andrey Chernikhov (Architecture and design workshop of professor A.A. Chernikhov).

Main project ideas

  1. The team formed 3 alternative scenarios of development for Moscow metropolitan area: hyperfuctionality, weak center in a benefit of outskirts, or a shift of activity towards Moscow Ring Road.
  2. In the process we’ve chosen particular areas for displacement of the future subcenters, and given urban planning model of their development and proposals of transportation framework.
  3. The team have shown economic parameters of future development and possible financial and organizational development patterns for realization of the project.
  4. Apart from that, we’ve done a research on industrial areas wthin the Moscow administrative borders and ranked them in terms of potential for redevelopment with an aim to host new administrative headquarters and other projects significant to the city.   


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