Urban planning strategy the Taezhnyi settlement


Determination of the main directions of spatial development of the territory of the Taiga settlement, taking into account the priorities of the development of the region. The goal was to form a sustainable settlement, taking into account all the existing risks, investing in embedded integrations and maintaining a stable population.


  • The main directions of development of the village:

    • Economic sustainability – the direction forms a new attitude to economic activity in the territory, includes: targeted work with the existing personnel potential of the territory (both with school graduates and local residents of working age, and with incoming new residents), identification, support and positioning of women's employment, support for entrepreneurship, protectionism in terms of providing modern high-quality services, support and popularization of remote employment, which will meet both global development trends and intra-family situations of families moving to the settlement.
    • Human capital - investing in human capital helps to make territories sustainable; work with the formation of identity, involvement in cultural life, work with creative potential will reduce the migration flows of the village and affect the quality of life of its residents. Important tasks for further industrial development will be the professional orientation of residents of different generations and providing school graduates with the opportunity to find a job on the territory.
    • Management - the formation of new approaches to the management of the village can become one of its basic directions of development, which will be expressed in new approaches to the marketing of the territory, in the approximation of the authorities and residents through various training and participatory practices, in the digitalization of services. There may be exits with legislative initiatives.
    • Spatial development - the direction is a projection on the space of solutions in terms of the development of human capital, economic opportunities and new approaches to the management of the territory. In fact, we can talk about the emergence of new urban activities that form the centrality of the territory and create a single space for residents of different ages, social groups and interests.
    An important part of the strategy is focused work with residents, businesses, communities, management and development.

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